Yaay!!! Preview for his third upcoming single, Lost Angels, is out! It sounds pretty awesome! Old Gackt with new Gackt twist XD. And the other happy pink tunes are starting to grow on me. I'm singing them in my head most times now @@. It's wonderful how happy tunes can put you into a good mood eventhough you feel like crap and left out because the whole world is deserting you for no reason whatsoever XD XD XD. Hahaha, but, yeah. Go Gackt! I knew you could do it!!! XD Perhaps I should trash all those hardcore JRock songs in my playlist and up the number of happy pop tunes. Haha. Kidding. No way in hell would I ever go as low as to listen to crap Jpop shit XD. But there is always an exception when it comes to Gackt. Always 8D.

I've nothing to say. No, really. Accounts today was TEH SH!TZ. I'll be dying pretty soon, and not because I can't answer the paper. I'll be dying for completely different reasons. You don't quite need to know the reason. My death won't be much of an effect to your everyday life anyways ^^.

Russell Peters. I'm in need of some laughs. The world's been laffing too much at me these days. It's time I had a few laughs myself.