A Jewel and...today's a very good day to die.

Two visual kei bands with me here. On my left we have Kagrra with their new album, Shu, and on my right we have Kra, also with their latest album Life~Today is a very good day to die~.

Okay, Kagrra first. Man, their album's pretty swanky. Haha. Shu, if I'm not mistaken, translates simply to Jewel, and I must say that overall this album's indeed a real gem. The first 3 songs are very oriental-fused, and the following songs are average cool visual-kei-ish songs. There're plenty of nice melodies, but the 2nd track, Uzu, caught my attention most. It's an amazing song. And the video clip's awesome as well. Haha. N0, really! One of their guitarists (or was it their bassist? @@ Vid was too low quality to discern) played the koto (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, like the Chinese gu-zhen..oh go Google it yourself XD) AND his guitar throughout the whole song. He was going koto-guitar-koto-guitar-koto-guitar. Hahaha. But to acquire such skill to switch to two different instruments is what's most amazing. Haha. Ren is also a nice song, and I'd say the rest of the songs are nice as well. A thumb up for them :3.

Next, Kra! Uhm, well, this coming from a fan of d'espairsray, I have to say that the songs in Life~Today is a very good day to die~ are more pop-rock XD. Kinda like a slightly watered down version of Abingdon Boys School, minus the retarded Japlish. They have a pretty nice style though, with really catchy tunes. The vocalist is slightly...cute? His voice I mean. Well, I suppose it's because of his height. Haha. He's very much shorter than his bandmates, which make him look really funny XD. Anyway, yeah, catchy tunes, cool electric guitar, what m0re can you want? Beast tune is pretty nice, though not as beasty as I thought it would be. I also like Rumble Fish, which is a pretty odd title for such a nice song XD. Oh, and Marry's a nice song as well! It reminds me slightly of one of those happy American pop-rock sterotypical boy bands- a first from a Japanese band. Haha. And there're also some nice guitar-filled songs with piano accompanaiments like Onigi no Uta. So, my other thumb up for them! XD

Alright, now on to my own news. Spelling Bee was today! Nah, didn't win. Got knocked out at the 3rd round- couldn't spell caffeinated. Well, I can now XD. I switched the 'e' and 'i'. Oh well. It seemed right in my mind. Haha. Anyway, I had lots of fun. My sister and Shane came (naturally), Eugene stayed on for the whole thing, wearing a self-customized Giordano shirt that said '-Jo- <3 #1 Fan' or something like that. It looks a whole lot fancier in real life than in here. Haha. A couple of friends came and Kay Ai came along as well! I received a few smses from other friends the night before wishing me luck and stuff. Man, I feel bad for having let you guys down XD. But anyway, a big big big BIG THANK YOU to all you people that sent me your powersss!!! Haha. It meant (and still does) a lot to me, so, yeah. Thank you ^^.

Anyway, school managed to bag 1st place in school category yet again! Whee! This time I shall make sure the money does not go to the school rebuilding fund. They don't deserve it. Haha. Whaat? If they're not going to help us reap thousands from the anime convention, they don't deserve any ks from us. I didn't see any of them dumbapple teachers supporting us today =_=. So...yeah. That pretty much ends my ramblings.

I guess I'm done for now. I'm feeling sleepy and dissapointed. Nah, not because I didn't win (I don't give two hoots about that- dude I went ther empty headed. Literally), but because...well...hahaha. Oh nevermind. You go figure it out yourself, you useless piece of crap XD.