Re : Cycle

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It's been such a busy busy last-month-of-2012 for me, to the point that I barely saw December passing me by. Before I knew it, it was suddenly my birthday and suddenly it's 2013 and it's another whole year to my birthday again! 2012 has been filled with so much activities, and yet I still have so many ends to knot before I can sit down and find time to collect my thoughts and look back over the year.

Well, it is the beginning of the new year, and, to quote from I Capture The Castle, 'beginnings are good times'. The year will begin very happily for me indeed, for it may be nice to know that I am moving house! It is obviously the main reason why I only have a single blog post in December, amongst other things. I'm very excited as I'm finally having a room to call my very own. I have much plans to spruce things up for it, but I can see that it will take a long time and determination and hard work for said plans to succeed. 

Anyway, for this new year, I hope that all undertakings will be safe and smooth-sailing for everybody! If there was something I learnt from 2012, it'd be to embrace the moments. Don't worry so much about the future until the present slips away from you. At the same time, plan ahead; do things now that your future self will thank you for later. And I suppose for me, a new year resolution is to earn money, and keep a tight leash on my short temper! It won't be easy, especially when my imagination and thoughts are apt to spiral completely out of control before I can even stop myself. But even so, I will try, and remembering how much I love those I care for will help me through, I'm sure :). What are your new year resolutions? Here's to hoping we will succeed in fulfilling all of them!

Reinitiating countdown! Happy New Year everybody!