Fun . Ride . NOW!

This has been put off for awhile, but now I must appeal to the general readers of this 'ere blog: I need HELP! My friends and I do, really. We've participated in the Chevrolet Sonic Inter-College Airbrush Competition, and we need help in voting for our design!

This is how it looks like on the left...

And this is how it looks like on the right!

The theme given to us was FUN RIDE NOW, and the concept is basically the Chevrolet Sonic driving into a piece of broad, yellow cloth. Cute, funky creatures are just trying to hang on or going all over the place because the car is going so fast ; ).

We really believe we deserve the grand prize, and if you feel the same, please drop by and vote! It's five times a day, all day everyday till the end of next week! That means five clicks for Limkokwing University every day! :)

Click here...

...Or here....

....Or even here!

Thank you for your support! :)