Quirky Corks

Been mooching about the internet in search of decor ideas for my bedroom. I don't intend to have many ornaments, because I'm going to be away most of the time in uni and dust settles faster than an upset stomach (whatever that meant). I do want a good framed picture or two, and after some thought, a cork board wouldn't be such a bad idea. And maybe one or two little terrariums...and bookends for some books...and maybe a pinball machine with matching jukebox and retro popcorn maker...

Okay, maybe a few of those ideas are a bit too far fetched. But I was pretty serious about the cork board. I am honestly not at all keen with blu-tacking pictures and notes all over the wall (bad experience in my old place). The classic cork board is functional and can actually be a pretty interesting focal point, as many crafters over the net have proven.

I particularly liked the idea of painting cork boards. Some crafters opted for wrapping the boards in scrapbook paper, but I can't imagine how awful it'll look like after several pokes. 

Look at this! Talk about cute! It looks like a pretty doable equation: 1 exacto knife + 1 piece of cork board + 1 tube of white acrylic = a very adorable cloud cork board! 

 This one is pretty interesting, because it's a rectangular board instead of the usual square. It leaves enough wall space underneath for hanging notes and whatnot. This one is supposed to be a weekly planner. I like the little metal name plaques!

pottery barn kids
Right about now I'm imagining an incredible neon colour that takes one's breath away, but first! A pattern! A design! Tune in to next time folks! Who knows what Joanne's next quirk will be? ;D.