Nylons and Peonies...

 Hello there! I'm afraid I've not been at all productive this first month. This won't do at all! I have been busy indeed with moving into my new home. It's very pretty, but my room is bare still, and I plan to take some photos after I've done a bit more decorating ;).

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner! I have shopped for new clothes, and today I decided to try my hand at tattoo stockings to glam up an outfit or two. I decided to do a design that is oriental and festive, so I drew a cluster of peonies based on Peranakan porcelain ware:

I basically drew out the design the same size as the cardboard backing my stockings came in. I bought a pair at Daiso for RM5, a steal, really, because it's not too bad quality and very comfy. Also I wouldn't feel too bad a heartache if I messed up ;).

After I had my design, I just marked where I wanted it to be on the stocking, then slipped the cardboard into the stocking! I didn't have fabric markers or the right coloured Sharpies, as many DIY tutorials suggested to use. But surprise, surprise, Joanne just happened to have a box of rainbow-coloured Copics at her disposal and that was what she used! Of course, I don't intend to wash the pair out, and even if I did I don't believe the colour would run too bad as they are not washable (I've stained a shirt or two in my over-enthusiastic past, yes.). The myriad of shades I have meant that I could add some shadows and details, and not just settle for flat colours. Which was exactly what I did!

After a good long while dabbing, completion! I was very happy with how it turned out; it was exactly how I wanted it to be. I am glad of the Copic markers, particularly the brush nib. It made fine lines so much easier compared to the normal small nibs. The black outline was put on last, and I found that dabbing tiny dots with the brush nib is a lot easier compared to drawing long lines. 

I can tell this is not a very good show of my photography $k!lLz, but this will have to do for now. I was just too excited with how the design came out XD. It matches the flamingos swimmingly well! I was planning to make a matching phoenix on the left leg, but I'll need a bit more time to figure out how to simplify and position it. Try your hand out at tattoo stockings soon! It's really easy and fun! :)

By the way, have you voted 5 times for Limkokwing University today? Only 3 more days to vote! Thank you everyone for your support! Tune in to the next post when I unveil my next crafty project! ;D