Tired Rant

Nah, not really tired. No time to be tired really; it's one thing after another, even if I was tired I would have to make sure I wasn't or I wouldn't ever get anywhere with assignments.

Dear God, university life has disappointed me greatly.

I'm not going to go *screamscreamscreamflipmiddlefingerup* because I'd like to believe that there is rational reason for the chaos of all this. But that won't stop me from thinking that this is NOT the best studying environment to be in. I mean, we hardly have any time to complete one assignment when the next one comes right in, and then all of them are due the same week. I think a lot of my fellow coursemates would agree that a little more time to breathe would be great. The assignment at hand demand so much from us; and I think all of us would like to give our very best and achieve near-perfection.

But, seriously, with the amount of time we get for most of the assignments, it's superbly taxing trying to do just that.

I know that university life is not the same as high-school. Of course we do not expect to be spoon-fed every little thing. But it's stupid when the lecturers throw every bit of information they are paid to throw at us and leave us at that. So that they expect one lesson we'll be able to grasp and execute perfection.

We are all here for similar reasons. We love creating, we love creativity, we love challenges and thinking out of the box. But to force us to think in the least time possible will do nothing but hamper the creative learning process. There is only so much we can absorb in one moment; not all of us are Da Vincis.

Thinking optimistically, working against the clock is good training for when we enter the industry and have to face the panic of deadlines, but really, COME ON. At the end of the day we are still students. We're here to learn the ropes and learn them well. Instead we hate our assignments more and more as the days pass and when that happens, we end up doing our assignments just to get it over and done with and not by enjoying and learning something from it.

What kind of a learning process is this? And what will we turn out to be in the future? If this continues, I think most of us would graduate (if we ever make it that far) as individuals who stop enjoying the journey and just want to reach the end. And that'll be as far as our creativity will go, believe you me.

And though idea development is a very important step to creating artwork (or anything for that matter), it is really quite ridiculous to be expected to produce 10-20 different ideas revolving around one core point. I think even the lecturers would realize that out of all the 10-20, not more than 5 would be considered good ideas and the rest would be just shitty reproductions. No doubt this development would make us think of different approaches towards a single problem. But as the saying goes: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Perhaps I'm contradicting myself, perhaps people with more experience would simply think I'm a whiner. Then I would like to remind you that once, you too were a student. You had (and hopefully still have) zeal and passion and energy. I'm sure you'd once felt disheartened and frustrated when you are forced to do something just for the sake of it and not being able to enjoy it as you wish.

Unless you want most of us to go around moaning to our friends about our crap time here, I think the higher authorities should do something about returning the creativity and FUN to learning. After all, life isn't about the final destination, it's about the journey towards it.

Tell me if I'm contradicting myself, please.