Inner Monologue

Weird how things work out sometimes.

You can be miles apart, and yet you share equally hectic lives, you stray further from things both of you thought important; both of you make attempts to return to your roots. Stay for awhile, drift apart slowly, and the whole cycle starts again.

We might not have that many chances to meet, but it seems that no matter what, our ties will never be severed. Whether we want it or not, we will remain little fragments that were once part of a bigger puzzle, a piece of a memory that was vibrant with colour, excitement, big inappropriate words, fun and laughter.

The present is where we all live in, but sometimes I get the feeling of wanting to relive those past moments, just so I can feel that second when I didn't care about what the world thought of me, when I foolishly thought that the bubble of our time together would remain afloat forever in the bright, happy sky.

The day to remember draws near, and yet all of us don't seem to be any closer; in fact we appear to be back to square one. You living your life, I living mine.

No matter. The red ribbon of fate that allowed our paths to converge once is wound up tight. It's not letting go, I'm not letting go. Not now, not ever.

Just a post to let you know I'm thinking of you.