Zesty Sudsy Saturday~!

Earlier this year my parents embarked on an epic Europe trip. Through the goodwill and love only parents have for their children, they returned with a bar of lemon soap for me, bought when they stopped in a Munich shopping centre. And it is by far the largest bar of soap I have ever owned. Seriously, compared to a Body Shop soap bar that weighs in at only 99g, this one is a whopping 135g. It's almost like holding a block of butter that happens to sud up when it comes into contact with water...and smells lemony. I suppose it's maybe because Europeans are just generally larger compared to Asians, and thus need larger soaps?

It tickles me that the soap is so big it can't fit in the soap dish, and just somehow balances precariously on. And when I accidentally dropped it I was surprised it did not crack the bathroom tiles XD. Despite its size the soap does not have an overpowering scent. Rather it is light and airy, so you leave the bathroom carrying just a whiff of lemon freshness about you :).

I think it's interesting how something so small could have such a big difference coming from the other side of the world. Just one of those little things that never cease to surprise. Happy Saturday, everyone!