Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know it's probably a twee bit too early to send in Christmas wishes; after all it's still the beginning of November and you're probably busy as anything overseeing your elves and whatnot. But I just thought I'd get a headstart :P.

I think I maybe don't qualify to send in a wish (I have a vague feeling I'm on your 'NO GOLD, NO COALS, NO NOTHING FOR THIS CHILDREN!!' list), and also I may just be past my expiration date. But I still believe in you! I really do! . A.

I'd like to make a humble request for a real, live, happy furry Corgi please. With a bow on it's head between it's furry ears, like this:

Christmas Corgi by Chase Hoffman

You may be busy as anything come Christmas, but I'm sure with your magical awesomeness you will be able to conjure up a furry live ball of love and fling it my way (okay, don't fling it- it might get impaled in the the Christmas tree. Just place it gently down amongst the presents and address it to me). And make sure it arrives on Christmas! None of that Boxing Day nonsense, please (though earlier is not too bad too). It has to be Christmas so just in case it rains the way it did the past two Christmases, the Corgi's wonderful water-resistant coat will keep the raindrops at bay.

P.S: I'll make you milk and cookies. And peanut butter for the furry one. Please and thank you!