Seeing The Sights

Hello all! It's been exactly a month since I returned from Global Classroom- time sure flies. The past weeks had me going on full steam trying to catch up with the rest of them. The month of Global Classroom was certainly stressful, but it had its rewards :) . For one thing, my group won overall best out of the four teams. Secondly, though we (Esmond and I) didn't get to visit all the events we wanted to, we still managed to go to several events for London Design Week. And best of all, we met so many wonderful people during our trip; new friends that made us fall in love with London all the more. Not to mention all the wonderful places we visited and the gorgeous weather! 

During the month, I frequently thought some events organized by the university were a bit of a chore, especially when we need to play the 'waiting' game with all the students who just don't ever come on time. And then there was the whole headache of group work. Still, you win some you lose some. And I had members on the team that did their work exceptionally well and made the job a tad easier. 

I'v learnt a lot from the trip, not just from the Global Classroom activities, but from going places and meeting new people and experiencing new things. Also, it may interest you that I walked more in that 5 weeks than I have in (possibly) half a year. But it was part and parcel of the experience; if someone asked me to do it all over again I would. But maybe with a lighter backpack.

My hiatus is over, folks! More updates coming your way! :)