Bringing Classic Back : It's All In The Stars!

Hello and happy April! I promised to return after the Puma Social Evolution of Suede Party, and here I am! :D. It was a pretty happening event, by the looks of it. But I am not in any way a socialite so I hadn't a single clue of what to do. I think from most of my posts you have probably reached the conclusion that I am nothing but an introverted worm that likes nothing better than staying in the safety of homes, venturing out only when the urge comes. I can't imagine any better phrase to explain myself in the party than 'rusa masuk kampung'. Which, when translated for the benefit of the non-Malaysian readers, literally means 'a deer walking into a village'. For the first time, I'd like to add. Haha. 

Anyway, I went with lovely friends, so that made the experience ever so much sweeter. I'm glad that despite my deer-ness, I am still blessed with lovely friends to flock about with when I do :D. And to be honest, I think I overcame my initial shyness when I saw how my starry-glowwy-shoes were displayed:

Please don't judge me and my photography skills. I'm not making any excuses for myself.

Here is a closer shot:

If you went 'holy-shit-they-spelled-your-name-wrong' first, then, well. That's not the point. Haha. To be absolutely honest, I did not notice the spelling error until much later, which goes to show you how shocked of a grammar nazi they made of me. MY SHOES WERE IN A BOX! A BLACK BOX WITH BLACKLIGHT! To show off all its absolutely amazing glowy glory!!! It was just as well that the thumping bass was so loud over the speakers, as it drowned out my screams. Haha. I didn't win, but I felt so proud and justified that my design at least got to bask in its full potential, instead of mouldering away in a corner. 

I hope I will soon have more photos to share with everyone, but for now you will have to make do with these. I should've brought Deedee, but she'd have been pretty useless, what with the place being so dark. I'd have to bump the ISO up to noisily ridiculous levels. All in all, I had fun, the free flow of alcohol for VIPs went to my head, and I was glad I didn't bolt at the beginning when I got the collywobbles. Haha. Thank you for reading and have a starry, starry night! :D