Stupendous Stewy Surprise!

I had a sudden longing for hot, savoury stew the other week, and I finally managed to satisfy my craving on Saturday! It was raining all day too; I couldn't help remembering a line from I Capture The Castle: 'stew is so comforting on a rainy day'. It certainly is, I've tried and I know ;).
I followed a recipe from the every lovely Pioneer Woman, her Sunday Night Stew is so simple and quick! I omitted the turnip and mash due to lack of funds for ingredients, but that cheesy mashed potatoes look and sound fantastic. I shall keep it aside for another night :D.

I would've enjoyed a tad bit more onions in my stew, and a bit less salt. I should probably use a low-sodium broth the next time. Anyway, that's one food craving settled for now. I've also managed to level up my cooking skills! This has been one of my read-and-dive-into attempts, and I am again reminded of the wondrous beginner's luck I have. Haha.

What about everyone else? What's bubbling in your cooking pot? Hope it's flavorful, nourishing comfort food for your heart and soul :).