Random update~

Omg, one more week till end of semester!!! Not like it makes any difference; there'll only be less than a week of happy days before we become even happier (cough) when we return to campus for sem 3. Beh. What should I do with such limited time? Travel the world? Lose weight by gaming nonstop? Sleep and never wake up?

I should go earn some money, lol.

Gosh, I have never been so broke as I have been this week. I have...less than 20 bucks to see me through to the end of the month. Not sure what I've been spending on actually.Food. Transport. Materials (though how you can spend money on a project that requires construction out of recyclable items that you pick up from the side of the road I have no idea- oh wait, I believe my team and I have just proven that you can. Haha).

I haven't actually been spending much time in my room these days too. Been too caught up with this project I'm actually starting to dream about it XD. Also due to certain individuals that just irritate the effing hell outta me by acting as if they own the entire world and can therefore waltz into every house and room they see, I have been actually avoiding returning to my place. Yes, yes. Wtf is my problem right. If I knew I'd have killed said individual earlier, lol. Kidding.

I don't really know what I want to do anymore, really. Is it normal to feel okay with feeling so happily lost?

I see the sky outside the window. I'm surprised at how clear and blue it looks today.