Going Green

Badly taken shot+photobomb Elmo = dafaq?

Introducing the new addition to my cuddle-farm: Cauliflower! Yes, yes, I know he doesn't look like a cauliflower, and honestly if you really thought he was a cauliflower you need to spend more time doing groceries and eating your vegetables =P. Cauliflower is his name, broccoli be his species =3. Anyway, little Cauliflower hails from the faraway farm of IKEA. And I was joking about the little part. He's of a pretty decent size to be cuddled. But due to his odd shape and being top heavy, you'll most probably end up with your arms around his tufty brains while the rest of his stalk body dangles at the bottom. He's awfully cuddly though. He and Blooworm be very good friends now, and keep each other company when I'm not sleeping 8D.

Oh, and one very cute thing about baby Cauliflower: he wears a sarong! I don't care what it's meant to be: a blue checkered waistcoat, a dishcloth, a picnic blanket. It's still a sarong to me. And he looks fweaking adorable in it >w<.

There's also a dancing strawberry and a bright orange carrot in this Torva series that should be collected. Must be collected. Will be collected. The broccoli should have friends! That way when I'm not around there will be a lively vegan party on the bed, lol. Kids, if you wonder whether your toys come alive when you're not in the room: it's true. It's true it's true it's blue glue true.

I shall leave now. Farewell.