Clippy Clips!

I suppose one must get used to the idea that whatever you've thought of, there is probably something somewhere on the Internetz that shares a similarity with it. This idea of painting clothespins with nail enamel has been featured on many blogs in the past, but in the one fit of boredom that got me doing it, I really thought I'd hit on something very profound. Oh well, the feeling was nice while it lasted :P, and no prizes are given out or anything, so, yeah. Heehee.

Anyway, yes. I was in a fit of boredom before dinner yesterday, and unearthed old bottles of nail enamel and a box of mini clothespins. So of I went and painted a good number of them. I later used some pretty cool lace stickers on some plain ones (pictured up above). Finished the whole lot off with a coat of clear varnish apiece :).

It's been a cold day today, and yet for all the life in me I can't seem to be productive enough. I must strive to make use of the days of pleasure while they last! Hope everyone had a great Sunday!