Hello Thar~ ;D

Yup yup, it's me again. Back with a brand new rap, yo XD.

Nothing to say really, except that GOOD NEWS FRIENDS AND FAMILY I GOT MYSELF A JOB AND NOW I MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO GACC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................

Yeah, yeah, feel free to smack me hard across the head =_=.

It's not my fault, really. I can't help it that I've got 10 mouths to feed and two elderly folks to care for. Money coming in in any way is more than welcome XD XD XD XD.

So, yeah. You might not see much of me (unless you'd like to stalk me at my workplace and check out my sexy ass ;D), so for now I wish you all the best in your future undertakings and may you be blessed with good luck forevermore~

...If you're wondering, yes, I am pretty excited to go work. Lol.

Toodles now~